Swimming sports

We had a blast at Memorial Park on Wednesday for Swimming Sports.
Here are some videos and pics from our swim back at school today.. of those who remembered their togs...👍


We also wrote some letters to some of our special people about how we did on Wednesday...

To Mum                                                        To Jordan
I am proud of myself because when I         I went to swimming sports with 
crashed I kept on going. I loved the           my brother. I swam the whole  
playground because I played tag and         length without stopping.
on the bus I went for a sleep zzzzz.            I felt happy. 

From Robert                                             From Kortez

Dear Nan                                                     Dear Papa

On Wednesday I did Swimming                     Thank you for coming to
Sports. I won the backstroke race,                swimming sports. I am proud
it was fun and I swam a length.                    of freestyle. I felt nervous but 
                                                                  then I didn't.
From Tyler     
                                                                  From Lachlan

Thanks to all those who came along to support, and to those who couldn't we hope you heard all about it!


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