Rūma Tahi Term 1 done!

We made a book -

Rūma Tahi Click to read this book, made with Book Creator
We also had a class prize giving - Room One made sneaky suggestions of who deserved certificates throughout the week. On Wednesday we made designed the certificates and they were presented by the students too!

Was a neat way to end the term.
Rūma Tahi - enjoy the well deserved break. I hope there are many adventures.
See you back here next term for more fun!

Miss A


What a shock it was coming to school on Tuesday! So cold.
We made poems about it!
They include how we felt and something we did differently because of the cold.

Bee Books.



Today we were lucky enough to be invited over to the Playcentre for a 'pre bee trip bee trip'! Sarah has bees of her own and knows so much about how they live and make honey and how to collect honey.
Rūma Tahi was bursting with questions! We had a chance to look at the honey box that goes on top of the hives, the frames inside, we learnt about bees wax, capping, the smoker, bee suits, the queen bee (she lives downstairs on the bottom floor), and heaps more. Bring on Wednesday.

Best of all... we got to try some honey and honeycomb!! Some funny faces in here enjoying it.

Amazing! Thank you Sarah for sharing all your knowledge. We wrote thank you notes this afternoon. 

Thank you for the honey, I really love it and I wish to come over again. From Aurelia
Thank you for teaching us about bees. I enjoyed puffing the smoker. I absolutely love the honey and also I loved holding the bees. It was the best bee trip in the whole entire Galaxy. I wanted to stay there for the whole day. From Elia


Some of the wonderful writing by Rūma Tahi

Never Give a Fish an Umbrella - and other silly presents

Never give a whale a skateboard. Never give a penguin a sleigh. Tama

You should never give a swordfish a sword.

Do not give a striped jersey to a bee. Jah-Zia

Never give a snail a house. Never give a butterfly butterfly face paint. Ayla
Never give a fish water. Never give a bee a stinger. Never give a duck slippers. Isabell
Never give a penguin a sled. Logan

Never give a tiger face paint. Never get a turtle a shell. Do not give a tui fluff. Elia

Never give a cat whiskers. Never give a piwakawaka a fan. Clancey

You should never give a shark a blow up shark. You should never give a snake shoes.
Never give an octopus fighting gloves and never give a tiger a stripy bow tie. Julian

Never give a penguin flippers. Never give a fish a boat. Never give a crocodile a toothbrush.