Kupu Māori

Today we had a class discussion around all the kupu that we use in Rūma Tahi.
Here are some of the words we could think of! Could be helpful if you wanna kōrero a bit more around the house.

Kupu Word waiata song/sing kaukau/kauhoe swim kia ora hello panana banana āporo apple āe yes kāo no pāngarau maths waka topatopa helicopter

The Learning Pit!

This week our value has been the all important Give it a Go!
This ties in nicely with The Learning Pit,

We often fall into the Learning Pit when we are learning something new, it takes effort to get out the other side. 
For example - to improve in our reading we need to use our strategies such as chunking, looking at the picture and rereading. By doing these things instead of giving up we improve and climb out the other side feeling great. Or doing catch up arms in the pool at first it is hard and can feel stink at times but with the help of things like an adult, friends and give it a go attitude we can master it.

Have a chat at home about a time when we have been in the Learning Pit, young and old we've all been there! What are some things you and your family can think of to help climb on out?
It's okay to be in the pit!

Well done Leon and Calaye for fantastic Give it a Go attitudes!

Check out Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae giving a fun spin on these ideas.

Week 2, done and dusted!

Panana Mīharo happens every Thursday in the hall with Room 5, 6 and 10.

It's heaps of fun. There are games, stories and awesome messages to take away.

Junior Assembly
We also have a junior school hui on Thursdays where we give out certificates and get up for some Jump Jam!

This week we have been talking about the value - Pā Harakeke, Care here and everywhere.
So the two Rm 1 certificates went to ākonga (learners) that show they care here and everywhere every day! It was hard to pick from such a caring class. Well done to Julian and Lauren!

Next week we are going to be focussing on the value - Give it a Go, Persevere until you're there.
So we will be on the hunt for people that are giving things a go, even when it isn't easy!

Powerful Learners 

We've also been talking about how to be a powerful learner! Rūma Tahi has a pretty good idea of many of the qualities it takes.
As Lucan put it so fantastically - "a powerful learner gets stuck into it".  So we talked about…


Bit of a throwback to 2017 at music today, Bob Marley!

We sang and played some of Buffalo Soldier.
Check us out on the ukulele, marimba and keyboard!

Here we are singing Twist and Shout by The Beatles

All that and we had time to get up and dance at the end. Mr E. was very impressed with the singers and dancers in Room 1! Awesome confidence for week 2.

Library - Reading Games - Music - Swimming

Library day is Thursday...

Super lucky to have many adults in to help us learn our new reading and spelling games.

 This year we have Mr E. back in the music Room! Weeeehooo!

Today we started talking about The (legendary) Beatles

Getting our heads in the game for swimming sports coming up in week 5 (6th March)

Welcome to 2018!!

Welcome to the wonderful new group of tamariki that is Rūma Tahi!

After an action packed few days it feels like we have been a class for months. It has been great getting to know all the children and families that have had the opportunity to come in to say hi.

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As far as important people go in Room One, we are lucky to have Sarah Vukona working with us most mornings. She is going to be working with some reading groups, writing and other areas of need!
We also have Birte Kirschstein for the next few weeks, all the way from Germany. Birte's training to be a teacher and has chosen to spend one of her placements in NZ. How lucky are we?

Te Puna News

WOW! We have some published poets in Rūma Tahi!

If you see this around pick it up and have a flick through. The awesome cover story was written by senior James Rowe! (Selected to be published in the January edition of Toitoi - a journal for young writers)

Turn the page and receive a nice surprise! 4 of our pet poems made it into The Holiday Issue of Te Puna News. 

Weeeeeee! Send that out far and wide to the whanau. 
Tino pai Tyler, Benjamin, Simeon and Robert!