Pipi Day

Room One had an awesome time getting involved in Pipi Day this term. We learnt so much about the anatomy of the pipi, the negative effects of ocean acidification, identifying critters and the connections that make the world work as we know it.

 'I liked looking at the breathing', 
'Pipi have gills and a foot', 
'I looked at the guts'
'We are polluting and we have to stop.'
'The shells are breaking.'
'Carbonate and calcium need to be together, when they aren't the shells get weak.'
'Make don't buy'
'Walk or bike instead of driving'

'Ranginui and Papatuanuku'
'There are 6 gods'
'If 1 thing isn't right everything goes wrong'
'Circle of life'

 'I saw heaps of baby pipi'
'Without water animals wouldn't survive'
'Without critters the water would be dirty and gooey.'
'I saw a worm with 100 legs.'

I was very proud to hear some awesome feedback about how Room One students got involved in the sessions with different teachers around the school.
Thanks Waiaria and Caine for sharing all your mōhio! 


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