At Hamilton zoo I saw african hunting dog and bison and a giraffe drinking another giraffe pee!
- Camryn

In the holidays I went to the movies and I have new shoes and I went to my nans and I had to do gardening and had ice cream cone mmmmmmmmmmmm! And on the last day I played with my lego.
- Robert

We have started thinking about how and why people came to New Zealand more than 1000 years ago!
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I think in the old in days they went in canoes. But how did they make it? They might make it out of trees and they brought food and water to go to Japan.
- Aaria

The people got to New Zealand on a boat and they made their boat and sail. The giant wheke came to the cook strait.
- Kortez

How did people come to New Zealand? I think they got to NZ on a boat or a waka and how will they eat without a fishing rod? They could just jump in the water and if they didn't have towels then they could just sit in the sun until they dry out. What if they had no water then they could just wait until they get to a island and drink from the river and if the boat had a hole in it they could just could just jump on another boat.
- Robert

I think in the old days people made wooden boats with paddles with sail made out of flax. They get the wood from chopping down trees and skim them. How do you make machines? You need stone and wood to make a machete to cut trees down and make a boat.
- Benjamin
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Creative writing..

I’m going to New Zealand. Land ahoy, there’s Minecraft world. At midday it’s a nice day. We sail between the lands. We stayed for afternoon tea and made a shelter in case there’s a storm. We had to go to bed. The next day there is a storm we survived.
- Logan

I am sailing across the glossy water. I am feeling happy because I see land. The closer I get to land the rougher it gets. I felt seasick.
- Tyler

I am in a waka I saw the big white cloud and  Mount Maunganui. No! a storm cloud and lightning. what?? The cloud turned around. Phew I am safe!
- Anahera

I am sailing off to sea with my family. The water and the sky is calm. Until the giant wheke came, then the water and the sky got into a storm and the water got all wavey then the giant wheke stole our food. So we killed the giant wheke and then we saw land so we gone there and we found the Cook Strait and we had lots of food and we saw some other people coming with lots and lots of food we made a little cabin out of ferns and sticks we saw a helicopter with lots and lots and lots of people on there .
- Makaea

The sky is angry.
The sea is angry.
Aaaaaaah tie everything down, get the chickens under cover, get the pig in the house, get the horses in the house. It's a storm. Get everyone in the house, we’re close to land get to shore.  Yay we survived the storm.. now let's check this place out!
- Josh

It was a stormy night there was red lava, ‘l see land boys!’ Oh I remember there is no one on it but me!!!!. There was a shark coming HELP ME! there was a crack in my waka! I’m going to fix it. Now I can see a mountain, oh it is a volcano help! Wow a big boat ride!
- Lachlan

My family has been in this waka for seven months. Today there is gonna be a rough curved tornado the waka was not broken at all, but my family survived in the rough.
Then we found Motuhoa Island then we stayed there forever.
- Kiarn


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