Bucket fillers!

We are a room of bucket fillers! Bucket filling is all about making others feel good inside and making our class and school a great place to be. Well done Chevy has got the first sticker in Room One for helping Makaea out in the playground.

I am being a bucket filler. I am kind, and when Anahera fell over I helped her and when I was sad I find my best friend. Makaea and Lachlan were under the tree playing and I go to them and I said to them can I play and they said yes so I said thank you.

Bucket fillers help others. Bucket fillers are nice and kind and helpful and they use nice language.

I am a bucket filler and I help people who feel sad and I help people who are hurt. I say nice things when I say nice things I say.. Would you like to play with me?

I am a bucket filler by helping people who are lonely. I am kind by sharing with my friends and I help strangers.

There are 22 bucket fillers in Room 1 and here are some tips..
  • Talk nicely
  • Let people play if they are lonely
  • Hold the door open for others

In Ruma Tahi we are starting to learn to be bucket fillers and last time i fell on my knee on the ramp someone from my class helped me. Their names were Milan, Anabelle, Aroha and Makaea.

I am a bucket filler because when Kiarn is sad I play with her. We play shark attack in the playground and at lunchtime I play with Louie and Toby in the sandpit. When someone else is sad I play with them, I say nice words.

I am a bucket filler because I have filled up seventeen buckets. I know that is a lot it’s just because I’m nice, I talk nicely and I use my manners and I also cheer up people that are sad and I was just about to say to one of my friends that helped me. It was Leah, she helped me come back to class when I fell over. Camryn helped me a little by saying ‘are you alright?’

Bucket fillers are kind. I am kind like the bucket filler queen because I helped someone when her brother was fighting. I helped Rebecca-Marley pick up her lunch when it dropped.

I am a bucket filler. There are 21 bucket fillers in my class, we are bucket fillers because we use manners and help others in need and help if someone is hurt. You are not just a bucket filler if you do that you have to be nice all the time and even if it is not your friend you can still be nice to them.

I am a bucket filler when I look after my classmates. When people are sad I play with them.

I make people feel happy by being polite to people. When I was sad Anahera helped me and Robert.

I am going to be a bucket filler. I am kind but I want to be kinder. I am going to use good language. I am going to be nice at this school.

I am a bucket filler. Bucket fillers are friendly and kind and caring. Lots of people are bucket fillers. My best friend Louie is a bucket filler. If someone is lonely I will go and play with them and play the game they want to play. If someone is sad I will play with them.

To be a bucket filler you have to be nice and kind. Like I helped a boy in room three because his older brother was chucking sand. When Olivia wasn’t going to Oscar because she had netball practice I took Izzy down to Oscar. Because Olivia always takes Izzy down to Oscar. I am a bucket filler because I am nice and kind and careful to everybody.

To be a bucket filler sometimes you make mistakes but a bucket filler will do the right thing  and be nice and care if someone is hurt. Help them, don’t just stand there, help them and tell the truth, make our class the best one ever!!!!!!!!

In Rūma Tahi we are bucket fillers. Some of the things we do is help others in need, tell the truth. Bucket fillers do something to help people and fill their buckets with happiness. I helped someone when they got hurt.

I want to fill other buckets and my bucket you can also be nice to naughty people if they are being meanies you can be nice to them so they will be nice to you. You will fill your bucket and their bucket, it is fun being a bucket filler. I want to be a bucket filler. I feel happy because I have done good things, it is fun. I want to fill 99 buckets.

If someone is lonely I will go and help them and I will play the game they want to play. I will play the game properly. When the bell rings and someone is sore I help.



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