Cross country goals

Well done Room One! A bit slow getting this up!! Was an awesome day, thanks to all those who could be here to support the wonderful Rūma Tahi!
Here are our goals, some of us have had the chance to review and comment on how we got on with these goals. Not bad for our first attempt at goal setting.

My goal is jog the whole way. I have one hill at my house that is my nan's hill,
I have a long road it has a cattle stop that I can run to.
Rebecca Marley

It was cross country on Wednesday, I cam six place I jogged the whole 2 laps and I sprint when I was nearly at the finish line.

My goals are to jog the whole way and be in the top 10 and to do that I need to practise and do hill sprints.
How did you do... I did train well but I was sick for the day.

My goal is to not stop I’m going to train at my home because I have heaps of hills. I could definitely run where my chickens live because they live on a big hill.
How did you get on.... I came second place, my mum was there. I was happy about my placing and I didn't stop. I did my practise at my home and I did run up by my chickens I think that practising did make me feel good when I raced.

My goal is to jog the whole way. My training is to keep running.      
How did you do... I achieved my goal by jogging the whole way and if the other people catch I will just keep trying to come second. I was proud.
My goal is to run the whole way and try my best, last year I came third place. I will try to get 2nd place this time and I will try to have fun. I have a dirt run way and I run up and down for training.
How did you get on... I ran the whole way when it was cross country. I kind of sprinted and jogged the whole way. I was very proud.

My goal is to run the whole way without stopping on cross country. I have never  come first place before but I hope I come in the top ten this year my training is running on the treadmill for one hour. My second goal is beat last place.
How did you get on... My goal came true, I wanted to come 10th but I came 3rd and I am proud of myself. I didn't do my training because I forgot.

My goal is to win and don't give up. Just keep on going, start jogging then if you can start sprinting. I have a big orchard so I can run around it as training.

My goal is to win. How will i do it... I will practise every day. How will I practise? I will walk down the river every day.
How did you get on... I didn't meet my goal. I'm going to train more for next time. But I am proud of me and I came in fifth place.

My cross country goal is to jog the whole way. By doing that every day except rainy days. I’m going to run down hills so I can get fit and in the top three.
How did you get on... I think I ran good, better than I ran for the cross country training. My dream came true because I came in the top three because I came first. I jogged the whole way.

My goal is to run half way and jog the rest of the way. I can run up my grannys driveway and run to the Wairoa road.

My goal is to get fitter by jogging faster. I’m going to jog 2 days including the night.
How did you get on... I got my goal, I came 2nd. I saw the finish line then I sprinted/ I wanted to get in the top three and I did. I did one lap out of the two fields.

My goal is not to be a sore loser cause it is just a game. To train I can walk up and down the road 3 days week.
How did you do... Great because I didn't go nuts cause I stayed calm. We had to run both fields, it was tiring. I was proud.

My goal is to jog some of the way and when I see the finish line I can spint. My goal is to run up big hills and jog back down.

My goal is to run the whole way and without stopping and last year i was 8th. I think I am going to get 1st place and jog the whole I am going to sprint around my house 20 times.
How did you do... I got 10th, I am happy that I come 10th we went 2 times around. My practise went good I like that I run 2 times and I like cross country

When I fall over then I get back up and keep jogging. Then I can catch up to everybody else and finish the race so I can be first place. I need to jog from my house to my cousins every day.

My goal is to run the whole way to the finish line and don’t stop!! And if you fall over, get back up and be a finisher. When the race starts.. don’t stay there, go! When the clap goes, run! I came 2nd. I am proud of myself. I am going to run at home.
How did you do... I ran the whole way and I did not stop. I came 4th I am proud of myself.

My goal is to give it a go. Jog all the way and when i am close to the finish line I sprint to the end. I practise at my house every day for 5, 10,15 or 20 minutes. Another goal is never give up. My last goal is if you have hills it is best to run up and down the hills so when it is cross country you’re all prepared and hopefully you will come first.

My goal is to jog the whole way without stopping. To train I am going to run around my house so on the cross country day I might come in the top three.
How did you do... I did achieve my goal and I was very very proud that I cam in the top 7, but I forgot to train.


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