Magical Mauao!

Look what Olivia has been working on at home for the last few weeks! Photographed and written about by Olivia. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

Today I brought a project to school, it was Mount Maunganui. I made Mount Maunganui by getting a big board and placing it on something. Then you paint the board black and when the paint is dry you paint the board blue. When the paint is dry you have to get some fluff and then you make the fluff the same shape as Mount Maunganui. Once you have made the shape of Mount Maunganui you cover the fluff with newspaper and stick the newspaper on. Once the newspaper is dry you paint the whole thing green, once that is dry you do some trees with dark green, once that's dry you have to put rocks around it and then put a trig at the top and then the track. 

Next term you will hopefully be able to see it on display in the whare pukapuka :)


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