I like making big holes and sandcastles too. We have spades in the sandpit and what we like doing is like digging and pyramids. We work together, it is fun in there. We have to clean the sandpit we have brooms and we are lucky to have.

We are so lucky to have a sandpit with spades  and pipes. We can make big holes and put sandcastles in it. It is so fun to having a sandpit. We are lucky to have water that we can make holes and put water in them and we can make rivers and we sometimes get wet! And sandy too! And we have to clean up and it is so hard to get off and it is kind of sore I make pyramid we work so hard and we work together. It is so fun making pyramids and at the end it looks cool as. When I just started I did not know there was a sandpit.

I like playing in the sandpit with my friends and in ruma tahi you get to do cleaning the sandpit. It would be cool if we get some buckets in the Sandpit.
Ruma tahi is lucky enough to have a sandpit. At the start of the year we did not have spades but we did have brooms. We work together.

We are very lucky to have one sandpit with spades to dig holes.

We are very lucky because some schools don`t even have a sandpits. And if we have a sand pit we have to take care of the sand.


I like making power stations, we have to keep it clean if we don’t keep it clean we would not get spades.

In rūma tahi, we clean the sandpit, we have fun in it too. We clean the sandpit with brooms and spades. We create lots of stuff, we dig deep holes We make sand castles too. We use pipes to get the water into the sandpit, we get water out of the tap. We are lucky to have the sandpit.

I am very happy to have a sandpit outside my classroom. What we need to do to respect our sandpit is to clean it but to have fun too. Because what you can do in the sandpit is digging holes building pipes and a lot more.

I Like  making volcanoes and rivers in the sandpit because it is creative. Room one looks after the sandpit by cleaning it up with brooms and spades when i make a volcano i get sand and make a hill and put a hole through the mountain and  make it deep and put water in it and it explodes and the water pours down on to the ground i like making rivers because if you find a lid it floats on the water in the waves that tumble.


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