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Bits and bobs!

Check out these smooth moves! Loving the look William.

Well done guys! Some of the kids from Room One had a busy weekend a few weeks back. Josh has been downhill mountain biking at Crankworx in Rotorua, Robert was lucky enough to spend time supporting his kaihana at the Secondary School Waka Ama Championship, Tyler and  Rebecca-Marley were both involved in the Te Puna Hunting and Fishing Club kids competition! So cool hearing what everyone gets up to out of school hours. Keep it up team.

Takahia Paki, 

I may need a visit to Mr. Wadsworth to see if I can up the quality of the videos I'm uploading

Buffalo Soldier, Some pretty tricky lyrics here :)

The rain is falling!

Happy Easter Room One!

It is a shame we did not get to have an awesome day prepping for the exciting weekend ahead. I hope you all keep safe and dry and enjoy some much needed rest and whānau time.

We did neat writing earlier this week making suggestions of who would be good to take over from the Easter Bunny in case he got sick. Fingers crossed he doesn't mind the rain or some of you may be getting a call.

If the Easter bunny gets sick I would be perfect for the job because I am good at hiding eggs and hopping like a bunny. I would hide them in trees and below the trees and on branches that are fat and nice. Like a nest with branches. It might be fun. Benjamin
If the Easter Bunny was sick I would just If the Easter Bunny was sick I will be the Easter say ‘I will be the Easter Bunny’ because I Bunny because my teeth look like bunny teeth. will dress up as the bunny. I’m a sneaky bunny with my sneaky toes and I will Chevy�����������…

Pipi Day

Room One had an awesome time getting involved in Pipi Day this term. We learnt so much about the anatomy of the pipi, the negative effects of ocean acidification, identifying critters and the connections that make the world work as we know it.
 'I liked looking at the breathing',  'Pipi have gills and a foot',  'I looked at the guts' 'We are polluting and we have to stop.' 'The shells are breaking.' 'Carbonate and calcium need to be together, when they aren't the shells get weak.' 'Make don't buy' 'Walk or bike instead of driving'

'Ranginui and Papatuanuku' 'There are 6 gods' 'If 1 thing isn't right everything goes wrong' 'Circle of life'

 'I saw heaps of baby pipi' 'Without water animals wouldn't survive' 'Without critters the water would be dirty and gooey.' 'I saw a worm with 100 legs.'

I was very proud to hear some awesome feedback about …