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I like making big holes and sandcastles too. We have spades in the sandpit and what we like doing is like digging and pyramids. We work together, it is fun in there. We have to clean the sandpit we have brooms and we are lucky to have. Aaria

We are so lucky to have a sandpit with spades  and pipes. We can make big holes and put sandcastles in it. It is so fun to having a sandpit. We are lucky to have water that we can make holes and put water in them and we can make rivers and we sometimes get wet! And sandy too! And we have to clean up and it is so hard to get off and it is kind of sore I make pyramid we work so hard and we work together. It is so fun making pyramids and at the end it looks cool as. When I just started I did not know there was a sandpit. Benjamin

I like playing in the sandpit with my friends and in ruma tahi you get to do cleaning the sandpit. It would be cool if we get some buckets in the Sandpit. Simeon Ruma tahi is lucky enough to have a sandpit. At the start of the yea…

But wait there's more!

On Tuesday I snuck out of school earlier than usual to see the Room One basketballers play over at the ASB arena. A lot of skill in that team and heaps of positivity!

Well done, Josh, Louie and Lachlan! and awesome job coach Michelle!

Magical Mauao!

WOW! Look what Olivia has been working on at home for the last few weeks! Photographed and written about by Olivia. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

Today I brought a project to school, it was Mount Maunganui. I made Mount Maunganui by getting a big board and placing it on something. Then you paint the board black and when the paint is dry you paint the board blue. When the paint is dry you have to get some fluff and then you make the fluff the same shape as Mount Maunganui. Once you have made the shape of Mount Maunganui you cover the fluff with newspaper and stick the newspaper on. Once the newspaper is dry you paint the whole thing green, once that is dry you do some trees with dark green, once that's dry you have to put rocks around it and then put a trig at the top and then the track. 
Next term you will hopefully be able to see it on display in the whare pukapuka :)

Saturday Sport

Every Monday morning I hear and read some awesome stories about what has gone on over the weekend. A big part of that is Saturday morning sport, I was lucky enough to see our Rippa Rugby lads and hockey crew playing at Blake Park a few weeks ago.

Well done guys. It felt really awesome seeing you all out there giving it your all!
I hear we had some awesome results Saturday just gone!

Cross country goals

Well done Room One! A bit slow getting this up!! Was an awesome day, thanks to all those who could be here to support the wonderful Rūma Tahi!
Here are our goals, some of us have had the chance to review and comment on how we got on with these goals. Not bad for our first attempt at goal setting.

My goal is jog the whole way. I have one hill at my house that is my nan's hill, I have a long road it has a cattle stop that I can run to. Rebecca Marley

It was cross country on Wednesday, I cam six place I jogged the whole 2 laps and I sprint when I was nearly at the finish line.

My goals are to jog the whole way and be in the top 10 and to do that I need to practise and do hill sprints.
How did you do... I did train well but I was sick for the day.

My goal is to not stop I’m going to train at my home because I have heaps of hills. I could definitely run where my chickens live because they live on a big hill.
How did you get on.... I came second place, my mum was there. I was happy a…