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Waaaaacky Hair Day


Norway Day

At Te Puna school we are lucky enough to have many cultures the contribute to our roll. Last week the Baardsen family brought some of their Norwegian culture to school to share with us.

On Tuesday it was Norway day. We have cake to celebrate, we walk for 2km to see the King.
Det var så kult.
- Benjamin

Mmmmmmm Mandarin

The mandarin was as .... The mandarin is like a......
Room one has been trying their hand at similes! It's early days but we are already showing a lot of promise!!
Today we looked at.. felt.. smelt.. tasted.. mandarins and then came up with at least 2 mandarin similes each. 
My mandarin felt like ice dripping off my hand. The mandarin smelt like a tree. My mandarin tasted like sour lolly worms. Kiarn
The mandarin tastes like sweets, and it felt like a rock on top and a pillow on bottom.          Tyler           
The mandarin is as juicy as juice. The mandarin tastes like lemon, my mandarin is as smooth as a rock, my mandarin is as small as an orange. Toby
The mandarin was as juicy as a treat and the mandarin was as soft as a cloud. The mandarin was as sour as a lemon. The concrete was as hard as a car. Robert
My mandarin was sour as orange juice. The mandarin felt like a soft flower and the mandarin was cold as ice. Rebecca-Marley

The mandarin is as squishy as foam. The mandarin smells like…


Awesome to see lots of Room 1 tamariki at the Moana Disco on Friday night!

The top dancers of the night, ft. our very own Toby. I did see lots of other smooth movers from 

Tooth Defenders!

Tooth defenders We have had the dental van visiting so that has sparked some chat about our visits, and some advice for anyone needing a few tips on dental hygiene!
I watched Chelsea get her teeth done. I am going to have a filling and
But I went first she had a look at my teeth. I do not know if it will hurt. - Tyler - Josh
When I went to the dentist they pulled my
teeth out. - Luke
Yay i am happy because this month the dental nurses are here. When I was in Room 2 and 3 I went to the dentist but i’ve never went to the dentist this month but hopefully I will go to the dentist.                                         - Aroha

After reading A Meanies Party, by Joy Cowley some of us thought that the Meanies could learn a thing or two about teeth cleaning.

1. Get toothbrush > I get my tooth brush 2. Get toothpaste >…


At Hamilton zoo I saw african hunting dog and bison and a giraffe drinking another giraffe pee! - Camryn

In the holidays I went to the movies and I have new shoes and I went to my nans and I had to do gardening and had ice cream cone mmmmmmmmmmmm! And on the last day I played with my lego. - Robert

We have started thinking about how and why people came to New Zealand more than 1000 years ago!

I think in the old in days they went in canoes. But how did they make it? They might make it out of trees and they brought food and water to go to Japan. - Aaria

The people got to New Zealand on a boat and they made their boat and sail. The giant wheke came to the cook strait. - Kortez

How did people come to New Zealand? I think they got to NZ on a boat or a waka and how will they eat without a fishing rod? They could just jump in the water and if they didn't have towels then they could just sit in the sun until they dry out. What if they had no water then they could just wait until they get to a i…