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Every now and then we will get the opportunity to publish a piece of writing of our choosing to the blog to share with all our friends and whanau. 
Here are some stories from this week! 
We have been focussing on our attention grabbing starters.

What a week it has been...

Yawooow I’m principal for a day, I got it after afternoon tea. I went to the country fair at 8.00 o'clock. I helped set up the books. Then I had morning tea. I went to the balloon shop. I got a green guitar.


Crash bang caboosh. When I got let in my red race car I went so fast I crashed into a green car. Then I crashed into a red car. Brrrrrm I’m trying to get into first place… then I got into first place. I also went on the swinging swing and it was awesome.


When the man said go I pressed my foot down on the green pedal and I went really fast. I crashed into two cars and there was a car that had no overtaking and I overtook it.


Weeeee  I am a little bit dizzy after that chair o plane ride, but I got to g…


We had such a fun time in the pool on Tuesday having a bomb competition... and a lot of laughs going back through and looking at the pictures.


Swimming sports

We had a blast at Memorial Park on Wednesday for Swimming Sports.
Here are some videos and pics from our swim back at school today.. of those who remembered their togs...👍

We also wrote some letters to some of our special people about how we did on Wednesday...

To Mum                                                        To Jordan

I am proud of myself because when I         I went to swimming sports with 
crashed I kept on going. I loved the           my brother. I swam the whole  
playground because I played tag and         length without stopping.
on the bus I went for a sleep zzzzz.            I felt happy. 

From Robert                                             From Kortez

Dear Nan                                                     Dear Papa

On Wednesday I did Swimming                     Thank you for coming to
Sports. I won the backstroke race,                swimming sports. I am proud
it was fun and I swam a length.                    of freestyle. I felt nervous but