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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

My Pet

Hello families! If you have a pic of the pet written about here email it through for our class display :)

My dog Mia
is a good hunter dog as a piranha.
She is as white as paper.
The colour of her eyes is as blue as the ocean.
My dog sleeps with me when it’s night
She likes me very much.
I am excited that I've got a dog.


My budgie Sunny
is as quick as a cheetah.
My budgie is as gold as Elizabeth’s crown.
My budgie is so so loud.
My budgie sleeps in until 10am in the morning.
I miss Sunny.


My kitten Millie
hunts like a lion.
She is as bright as a star.
Her nose is as pink as a flower.
Her eyes are as green as grass.
My kitten eats as fast as a cheetah.
When I pick her up she scampers away.


My dog Tama
is as little as a tiny peanut.
He is as tricky as a magician.
His blue eyes are as blue as the sea.
When we go on a bike ride on the court
he always chases us like a cheetah.
He was the perfect pet.


My dog Chaos
is as fast as a car.
My dog Chaos is as big as a husky.
My dog Chaos is as noisy as an alarm.
When we take Chaos for a walk he goes chaos!!!!


My guinea pig Sokey is ginger.
He squeaks like a mouse.
My guinea pig has grubby nails.
My guinea pig sleeps in a cold and shady place.
Sokey amazes me.


My pet pony Indie
is as soft as a cloud.
She is as orange as a tiger.
She is as young as a flower and she is as fast as a rocket.
She is as shiny as the queen’s crown.
My pony is the perfect pony.


My dog Chop
is as fast as a cheetah.
He’s as quiet as a kitten.
He is as hungry as a pig and he is as good as a hunting dog.
He is the best dog ever.


My dog Obin
is as silly as a stegosaurus.
My dog wags his tail as fast as a helicopter spinner.
He smells like rotten fish.
My dog dances.
I love Obin.


My kitten Smooch
he is as cute as a baby.
He is as black and white as a cow.
He is as fancy as the circus.
When I go somewhere he follows me.
I love Smooch.


My ngeru Bobo is as old as expired milk.
He's as slow as a snail.
He's as black as being locked up in a dungeon.
He always sleeps on my bed at night.
He's the best cat in the pet shop.


My chicken Roseabell
is as white as milk.
She is as white as a cloud.
My chicken smells like rotten cheese.
My chicken poos on my arm and foot.
I ❤️ my pet.


My dog Kitoro
is as fancy as Queen Elizabeth.
He is as silent as a ghost.
He is smarter than a brain full of knowledge.
He is as serious as a soldier.
I love Kitoro because we have lots in common.


My cat Milly
is as naughty as a robber.
She eats as much as a dinosaur.
One of her paws are pink.
She’s as gold as a 2 dollar coin.
She sleeps on my sister’s bed.
I love my cat.


My dog Bronx
is as strong as a dinosaur.
My dog Bronx is as white and black as a panda.
My dog Bronx his eyes are as brown as chocolate.
My dog Bronx chase his friend like they are racing
I love Bronx


My Nan’s dog Coue
He is brown and white.
He is mean as a gun shooter.
He is fast as a bike.
When we take him for a walk
my uncle takes the leash off
him and he jumps like a horse to get the leash.
I’m happy because he has his muzzle on all the time.


My dog Pepe
is as happy as a hippopotamus.
He is as black as the night.
He is as sneaky as a lion, he follows me.
When we have dinner outside he sits beside me.
Pepe was the best dog ever.


My pet Meow Meow
is fast as a ninja.
She is as good at climbing as a rock climber.
She is black and white as a bag.
My cat sleeps so much.
I love her.


My dog Simon
is as big as a horse.
He is like a squeaking mouse.
He moves like a worm.
My dog acts like a really cute
puppy when we go for walks.
I’m glad we picked Simon


My cat Molly
is like a rocket.
She is as dark as space.
Her paws are as sharp as a lion paws.
She sleeps on my bed.
I love Molly.


My dog Mr
is as fast as a tiger.
He is like robber.
He is as smelly as poo yuck!
He has a black nose and he runs away.
He barks at me and his eyes are as brown as chocolate.
He is as light as a person and a little bit of white.
I feel happy that I chose Mr.
I love my pet.


My cat Diesel
is as fierce as a lion.
He is as cute as a new born baby.
He purrs like a diesel engine.
He goes to the quarry and goes to the mountain.
I am glad that I picked him.


Vegetable Creation Ideas

Room 1 and 5 had an awesome afternoon discussing our Ag Day exhibits and started making a bit of a plan.

Here we have some of the images we looked at,

Theme: Te Moana
More information will be coming home next week



Previous TPS creations...


Little Blue Penguins

What a lot we have learnt. We've had an amazing unit learning all about the little blue penguins. We were lucky enough to have Julia come and talk to us about all things penguins. Room one had some awesome questions for her.

As it goes with technology... we had a wee hiccup and lost all our amazing books!
However the amazing akonga in Ruma Tahi brushed it off and at the end of Term 3 they made speedy versions including some of the info we learnt. We look forward to using book creator again next term now that we are very familiar with how it works.