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Monday, 12 June 2017

Bucket fillers!

We are a room of bucket fillers! Bucket filling is all about making others feel good inside and making our class and school a great place to be. Well done Chevy has got the first sticker in Room One for helping Makaea out in the playground.

I am being a bucket filler. I am kind, and when Anahera fell over I helped her and when I was sad I find my best friend. Makaea and Lachlan were under the tree playing and I go to them and I said to them can I play and they said yes so I said thank you.

Bucket fillers help others. Bucket fillers are nice and kind and helpful and they use nice language.

I am a bucket filler and I help people who feel sad and I help people who are hurt. I say nice things when I say nice things I say.. Would you like to play with me?

I am a bucket filler by helping people who are lonely. I am kind by sharing with my friends and I help strangers.

There are 22 bucket fillers in Room 1 and here are some tips..
  • Talk nicely
  • Let people play if they are lonely
  • Hold the door open for others

In Ruma Tahi we are starting to learn to be bucket fillers and last time i fell on my knee on the ramp someone from my class helped me. Their names were Milan, Anabelle, Aroha and Makaea.

I am a bucket filler because when Kiarn is sad I play with her. We play shark attack in the playground and at lunchtime I play with Louie and Toby in the sandpit. When someone else is sad I play with them, I say nice words.

I am a bucket filler because I have filled up seventeen buckets. I know that is a lot it’s just because I’m nice, I talk nicely and I use my manners and I also cheer up people that are sad and I was just about to say to one of my friends that helped me. It was Leah, she helped me come back to class when I fell over. Camryn helped me a little by saying ‘are you alright?’

Bucket fillers are kind. I am kind like the bucket filler queen because I helped someone when her brother was fighting. I helped Rebecca-Marley pick up her lunch when it dropped.

I am a bucket filler. There are 21 bucket fillers in my class, we are bucket fillers because we use manners and help others in need and help if someone is hurt. You are not just a bucket filler if you do that you have to be nice all the time and even if it is not your friend you can still be nice to them.

I am a bucket filler when I look after my classmates. When people are sad I play with them.

I make people feel happy by being polite to people. When I was sad Anahera helped me and Robert.

I am going to be a bucket filler. I am kind but I want to be kinder. I am going to use good language. I am going to be nice at this school.

I am a bucket filler. Bucket fillers are friendly and kind and caring. Lots of people are bucket fillers. My best friend Louie is a bucket filler. If someone is lonely I will go and play with them and play the game they want to play. If someone is sad I will play with them.

To be a bucket filler you have to be nice and kind. Like I helped a boy in room three because his older brother was chucking sand. When Olivia wasn’t going to Oscar because she had netball practice I took Izzy down to Oscar. Because Olivia always takes Izzy down to Oscar. I am a bucket filler because I am nice and kind and careful to everybody.

To be a bucket filler sometimes you make mistakes but a bucket filler will do the right thing  and be nice and care if someone is hurt. Help them, don’t just stand there, help them and tell the truth, make our class the best one ever!!!!!!!!

In Rūma Tahi we are bucket fillers. Some of the things we do is help others in need, tell the truth. Bucket fillers do something to help people and fill their buckets with happiness. I helped someone when they got hurt.

I want to fill other buckets and my bucket you can also be nice to naughty people if they are being meanies you can be nice to them so they will be nice to you. You will fill your bucket and their bucket, it is fun being a bucket filler. I want to be a bucket filler. I feel happy because I have done good things, it is fun. I want to fill 99 buckets.

If someone is lonely I will go and help them and I will play the game they want to play. I will play the game properly. When the bell rings and someone is sore I help.


Sunday, 21 May 2017

Waaaaacky Hair Day

Norway Day

At Te Puna school we are lucky enough to have many cultures the contribute to our roll. Last week the Baardsen family brought some of their Norwegian culture to school to share with us.

On Tuesday it was Norway day. We have cake to celebrate, we walk for 2km to see the King.
Det var så kult.
- Benjamin

Friday, 19 May 2017

Mmmmmmm Mandarin

The mandarin was as ....
The mandarin is like a......

Room one has been trying their hand at similes! It's early days but we are already showing a lot of promise!!

Today we looked at.. felt.. smelt.. tasted.. mandarins and then came up with at least 2 mandarin similes each. 

My mandarin felt like ice dripping off my hand. The mandarin smelt like a tree. My mandarin tasted like sour lolly worms.

The mandarin tastes like sweets, and it felt like a rock on top and a pillow on bottom.         

The mandarin is as juicy as juice. The mandarin tastes like lemon, my mandarin is as smooth as a rock, my mandarin is as small as an orange.

The mandarin was as juicy as a treat and the mandarin was as soft as a cloud. The mandarin was as sour as a lemon. The concrete was as hard as a car.

My mandarin was sour as orange juice. The mandarin felt like a soft flower and the mandarin was cold as ice.

The mandarin is as squishy as foam. The mandarin smells like a tree.

The mandarin tastes like lemon juice and it is hard as a rock. The sweetness makes it taste lemony and soft like feijoas.

The mandarin is as hard as a rock. The mandarin ‍smells like lemon. The mandarin is as fast as a cat. The mandarin is like a brain. The mandarin is like a board. The mandarin is like a apple. The mandarin is as soft as a sheep.
The cat jumped like a cow over the moon. The rock is like lava.

The mandarin was as soft as a pillow. The mandarin was as sour as a lemon.
The egg was as hard as a rock. The cat jumped as high as a kangaroo.

The mandarin was like a flat ball. The mandarin was cold like ice.

The mandarin is soft as slime My mandarin is as sweet as a lemon. The mandarin feels like slime.

The mandarin was as hard as a volcano rock. The mandarin was as sour as a lemon. The mandarin was like a soft cloud.

The mandarin smells like a leaf. My mandarin is as soft as carpet.

My mandarin is as squishy as a pillow. My mandarin smells like a tree.
The egg was as hard as a rock.

My mandarin smells like a banana. My mandarin tastes like a lemon.

My mandarin tastes as sour as sour lollies. It was as bouncy as a ball.

The mandarin is as soft as a flower petal. My mandarin was watery like the sea.

My mandarin felt like worms. The mandarin was like a hard egg, it was as smooth as slime.

My mandarin is as cold as ice. My mandarin is like a scruffy tree. My mandarin smells like sour worms.

Saturday, 13 May 2017


Awesome to see lots of Room 1 tamariki at the Moana Disco on Friday night!

Pirate Anahera
The famous Sharky!

Camryn and Tyler (Tyler's look complete with
shells that jangled as she boogied!)  
Logan was a turtle! Another fantastic homemade outfit. 


The top dancers of the night, ft. our very own Toby. I did see lots of other smooth movers from 
Room 1! Must be from our morning singing and dancing :):)
Looking lovely Tyler and Olivia

The best dressed of the night. Well done Josh!!
(or should I say Maui?)

Josh and Logan
Aaria and Toby

Friday, 12 May 2017

Tooth Defenders!

 Tooth Defenders 
We have had the dental van visiting so that has sparked some chat about our visits, and some advice for anyone needing a few tips on dental hygiene!

I watched Chelsea get her teeth done. I am going to have a filling and
But I went first she had a look at my teeth. I do not know if it will hurt.
- Tyler - Josh

When I went to the dentist they pulled my
teeth out.
- Luke

Yay i am happy because this month the dental nurses are here. When I was in Room 2 and 3 I went to the dentist but i’ve never went to the dentist this month but hopefully I will go to the dentist.                                        
- Aroha

After reading A Meanies Party, by Joy Cowley some of us thought that the Meanies could learn a thing or two about teeth cleaning.

1. Get toothbrush > I get my tooth brush
2. Get toothpaste > I put my tooth paste
3. Brush teeth > Spit out my tooth paste
4. Bottom and top > I call my meanie she eats fruit and
5. Spit veges she eats only a little bit of lollies.
6. Floss. - Aaria
7. Morning and night.
- William

Meanies have to brush their teeth night and morning everyday. If they don’t brush their teeth everyday they might get rotten teeth.
- Luke


At Hamilton zoo I saw african hunting dog and bison and a giraffe drinking another giraffe pee!
- Camryn

In the holidays I went to the movies and I have new shoes and I went to my nans and I had to do gardening and had ice cream cone mmmmmmmmmmmm! And on the last day I played with my lego.
- Robert

We have started thinking about how and why people came to New Zealand more than 1000 years ago!
Image result for waka

I think in the old in days they went in canoes. But how did they make it? They might make it out of trees and they brought food and water to go to Japan.
- Aaria

The people got to New Zealand on a boat and they made their boat and sail. The giant wheke came to the cook strait.
- Kortez

How did people come to New Zealand? I think they got to NZ on a boat or a waka and how will they eat without a fishing rod? They could just jump in the water and if they didn't have towels then they could just sit in the sun until they dry out. What if they had no water then they could just wait until they get to a island and drink from the river and if the boat had a hole in it they could just could just jump on another boat.
- Robert

I think in the old days people made wooden boats with paddles with sail made out of flax. They get the wood from chopping down trees and skim them. How do you make machines? You need stone and wood to make a machete to cut trees down and make a boat.
- Benjamin
Image result for kupe waka

Creative writing..

I’m going to New Zealand. Land ahoy, there’s Minecraft world. At midday it’s a nice day. We sail between the lands. We stayed for afternoon tea and made a shelter in case there’s a storm. We had to go to bed. The next day there is a storm we survived.
- Logan

I am sailing across the glossy water. I am feeling happy because I see land. The closer I get to land the rougher it gets. I felt seasick.
- Tyler

I am in a waka I saw the big white cloud and  Mount Maunganui. No! a storm cloud and lightning. what?? The cloud turned around. Phew I am safe!
- Anahera

I am sailing off to sea with my family. The water and the sky is calm. Until the giant wheke came, then the water and the sky got into a storm and the water got all wavey then the giant wheke stole our food. So we killed the giant wheke and then we saw land so we gone there and we found the Cook Strait and we had lots of food and we saw some other people coming with lots and lots of food we made a little cabin out of ferns and sticks we saw a helicopter with lots and lots and lots of people on there .
- Makaea

The sky is angry.
The sea is angry.
Aaaaaaah tie everything down, get the chickens under cover, get the pig in the house, get the horses in the house. It's a storm. Get everyone in the house, we’re close to land get to shore.  Yay we survived the storm.. now let's check this place out!
- Josh

It was a stormy night there was red lava, ‘l see land boys!’ Oh I remember there is no one on it but me!!!!. There was a shark coming HELP ME! there was a crack in my waka! I’m going to fix it. Now I can see a mountain, oh it is a volcano help! Wow a big boat ride!
- Lachlan

My family has been in this waka for seven months. Today there is gonna be a rough curved tornado the waka was not broken at all, but my family survived in the rough.
Then we found Motuhoa Island then we stayed there forever.
- Kiarn

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Bits and bobs!

Check out these smooth moves! Loving the look William.


Well done guys! Some of the kids from Room One had a busy weekend a few weeks back. Josh has been downhill mountain biking at Crankworx in Rotorua, Robert was lucky enough to spend time supporting his kaihana at the Secondary School Waka Ama Championship, Tyler and 
Rebecca-Marley were both involved in the Te Puna Hunting and Fishing Club kids competition! So cool hearing what everyone gets up to out of school hours. Keep it up team.

Takahia Paki, 


I may need a visit to Mr. Wadsworth to see if I can up the quality of the videos I'm uploading

Buffalo Soldier,
Some pretty tricky lyrics here :)


The rain is falling!

Happy Easter Room One!

It is a shame we did not get to have an awesome day prepping for the exciting weekend ahead. I hope you all keep safe and dry and enjoy some much needed rest and whānau time.

We did neat writing earlier this week making suggestions of who would be good to take over from the Easter Bunny in case he got sick. Fingers crossed he doesn't mind the rain or some of you may be getting a call.

If the Easter bunny gets sick I would be perfect for the job because I am good at hiding eggs and hopping like a bunny. I would hide them in trees and below the trees and on branches that are fat and nice. Like a nest with branches. It might be fun.

If the Easter Bunny was sick I would just If the Easter Bunny was sick I will be the Easter
say ‘I will be the Easter Bunny’ because I Bunny because my teeth look like bunny teeth.
will dress up as the bunny. I’m a sneaky bunny with my sneaky toes and I will
Chevy sneak the eggs.

If the Easter bunny gets sick I would be the perfect one because I am good at gymnastics, hiding and hiding easter eggs because it would be sad if there would be no easter this year.

If the Easter Bunny is sick I think my mum would be good for the job because she is good at hiding Easter eggs I think the Easter Bunny lives in the forest in a Easter egg house full with Easter eggs. I think the Easter Bunny is sick because he is sick of walking.

If the Easter Bunny gets sick I think I would If the Easter Bunny gets sick I will ask my dad
do the job. I am super bunny because I can he will be very quiet. He tries to stay up until 10
fly, I can bounce, I can sneak. o’clock. He will try very hard.
William Tyler

If the Easter Bunny gets sick my uncle and dad will be the Easter Bunny and I would not want my dog to be the Easter Bunny because my dog will eat my chocolate eggs.

If the Easter Bunny gets sick I think my dad would help out the Easter Bunny to hide the Easter eggs everywhere. My dad lets me find all the Easter eggs. When I wake up in the morning, then I went outside to find the Easter eggs.

If the Easter Bunny was sick I will be the Easter Bunny and deliver the eggs all over the world. It’s a big job being the Easter Bunny, you need a bag and lots of Easter eggs. I need to deliver quickly or I’ll get seen by the children and the children will tell their friends about me, but they shouldn’t or the Easter Bunny won’t come to their house ever again. The Easter Bunny only comes to good people.

If the Easter Bunny gets sick it is fine because me, my mum or my grandma can do it because my grandma is very good at being quiet and my mum is good at sneaking and I am good at hiding. That's why I want to be the Easter Bunny.

If the Easter Bunny gets sick I would help it deliver I think Lachlan will be a amazing Easter
the Easter eggs. I will be tough and I will be fast. Bunny. Lachlan has good skills cause he
Kortez is great and amazing. He is sneaky and fast.

If the Easter Bunny gets sick and he or she had a lot of Easter eggs to deliver to the boys and girls I will tell the Easter Bunny that I will do the delivering for the day. I will tell Tyler to help me deliver all the eggs. Tyler can be my assistant, and why I think me and Tyler will be good for the deliveries is because me and Tyler are great at delivering.

If the Easter Bunny is off sick I will phone another Easter Bunny and ask him to give me a ginormous chocolate bunny with pop'n candy and m&ms and I think he will put it in the feijoa trees. I will find my big Easter Bunny.

What if the easter Bunny is sick and if it does not come to school? I will be the Easter Bunny and I hide them in the trees and I will hide a chocolate bunny up in the tree. The Easter Bunny is at school now and I won’t need to be Easter Bunny anymore.

If the Easter Bunny gets sick I think my kitten could do the job because she can run very very fast and she can catch mice. She doesn’t like Easter eggs and she could be the best one. She could put a basket on her with Easter eggs and she can climb trees.

If the Easter bunny gets sick I think Mr Towersey could take over the Easter Bunny, or me. It would be fun delivering eggs to some homes I would deliver a humongous chocolate bunny.

It is Easter day and the Easter Bunny has not put the eggs out, it might be sick. My cat might do it because she is very very fast and she hopes that people she delivers the eggs to will leave some milk.

It is almost Easter, If the Easter Bunny gets sick, my dad will be the Easter Bunny because he is the biggest in my family to hunt for the Easter eggs.

Our cute Easter cards may be a little delayed making home!

Thanks for an awesome Term One!! Have a great holiday and I look forward to a busy Term Two.