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Bucket fillers!

We are a room of bucket fillers! Bucket filling is all about making others feel good inside and making our class and school a great place to be. Well done Chevy has got the first sticker in Room One for helping Makaea out in the playground.
I am being a bucket filler. I am kind, and when Anahera fell over I helped her and when I was sad I find my best friend. Makaea and Lachlan were under the tree playing and I go to them and I said to them can I play and they said yes so I said thank you. Rebecca-Marley
Bucket fillers help others. Bucket fillers are nice and kind and helpful and they use nice language. Lachlan
I am a bucket filler and I help people who feel sad and I help people who are hurt. I say nice things when I say nice things I say.. Would you like to play with me? Tyler
I am a bucket filler by helping people who are lonely. I am kind by sharing with my friends and I help strangers. Kortez
There are 22 bucket fillers in Room 1 and here are some tips.. Talk nicely Let people play if they…